About Us

This Business was started in the late summer of 2002 to fulfill a financial need at that time. Our youngest of 3 sons was born in the fall of 2001 with Myelomeningocele  a form of Spina Bifida. In order for us to have physical therapy in our home 3 days a week we would have to provide for it financially ourselves until he was able to qualify for a state program that would take months to set in place.  So thru a series of events, God putting the right people in our path, this creative and much loved business was born.

Monili Bei Designs (meaning: Beautiful Jewelry in Italian) is a creation of quality hand made Jewelry by myself, Susanne, with the help at times of my Laborer a.k.a. Todd, my amazing husband (who also is a Nationally recognized and award winning Caricature Carver).

All items are hand made by myself from sterling or fine silver, 14kt gold filled (sterling under gold), semi-precious stones, vintage findings or beads, and products from a variety of sources native to that particular art.

I am a forever learner, 95% self taught...never had an art class...not even in high school. I love to collect items such as antique pieces I can mold and then create a piece of jewelry with. I also love to draw...particularly Zentangle, garden, travel the world with my husband and family, crochet and many other forms of needle art...

Please enjoy shopping or browsing. My wish is that each piece you chose to be your own or a gift will carry the passion and love I experience in its creation from start to finish.

I hope you find Love and Joy in all you do!


Susanne & Todd